What is a Thermal Oxidizer and Its Top 5 New Types


A Thermal Oxidizer and Its Different Types

What is a thermal oxidizer? When you think about an industrial area with multiple factories, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the air polluted with hazardous fumes coming from these industries. While there may be many hacks and solutions to control it, do you know what a thermal oxidizer is?

Before you think too deep, the most effective solution that probably tops the list and works effectively is a thermal oxidizer. With the rising levels of air pollution, there is a vast outspread of various diseases and illnesses that majorly affect your lungs and other parts of the body.

To limit this situation, it is important to know what a thermal oxidizer is and the different types it is classified into. In this article, you will learn about what a thermal oxidizer is and its various types.

Let’s first begin with what is a thermal oxidizer


What is a Thermal Oxidizer?

Numerous industrial processes produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which should be removed before when the exhaust air is released into the air. In this case, a thermal oxidizer can help, but before that, the subject of ‘what is a thermal oxidizer?’ arises. Heat exchange equipment that improves the air quality by eliminating hazardous air pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and foul-smelling gases created by manufacturing applications are what is a thermal oxidizer.

Other than this, there is more to what is a thermal oxidizer. Apart from being known as a thermal oxidizer, it is also referred to as a TOX and sometimes a thermal incinerator.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer vs thermal oxidizer

A thermal oxidizer is classified into multiple types, and each type is different in its way of functioning. Temperatures, residence duration, and turbulence are multiple significant characteristics to consider when building successful thermal oxidizers. To burn the toxic gases, the temperatures must be high sufficiently.

The max temp at which most organic pollutants ignite is somewhere between 590°C (1,094°F) as well as 650°C (1,202°F). Several fundamental oxidizers are maintained at substantially higher temperatures to assure near-complete elimination of dangerous gases. This is precisely what is a thermal oxidizer. Now let’s dive into the different types of thermal oxidizers.

Types of Thermal Oxidizers

Now that we have explained a thermal oxidizer, to understand it better, you must know the types it is classified into.  Following are the types of what is thermal oxidizer.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Regarding thermal oxidizers as the topic of discussion, it is usually stated as ‘what is a regenerative thermal oxidizer and what is a thermal oxidizer? If you know what a thermal oxidizer is, you may know what a regenerative thermal oxidizer is. Having explained earlier what a thermal oxidizer is, a regenerative thermal oxidizer is a very common and most prominent type of thermal oxidizer.

Among the most commonly understood air pollution management systems is regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). These devices function by partly oxidizing incoming fumes in a ceramics substrate before pushing them through a combustion process to obtain the desired decomposition temperature.

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

When discussing what a thermal oxidizer is and what its types are, a direct-fired thermal oxidizer is yet another type of thermal oxidizer. A direct-fired thermal oxidizer is also known as a non-recuperative thermal oxidizer. When referring to a thermal oxidizer in its simplest type, a direct-fired thermal oxidizer is the one.

A processing flow containing harmful gases is delivered into something like a firebox via or adjacent to the burner, providing a sufficient dwelling period to accomplish the required VOC destruction removal efficiency (DRE).

What is a regenerative thermal oxidizer

Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer

A thermal recuperative oxidizer (TRO) is amongst the different types of the thermal oxidizer. To completely understand a thermal oxidizer, you must learn about all its types, including the thermal recuperative oxidizer. The thermal recuperative oxidizer (TRO) is a sort of air pollutants control mechanism used to remediate industrial exhaust fluxes, including Gaseous pollutants and particles.

It turns harmful VOCs as well as HAPs into innocuous carbon dioxide. There is more to this type of thermaloxidizer. A Thermal recuperative oxidizer is a direct-fired thermal oxidizer with a main and secondary heat restoration mechanism.

Now that we have explained to you what a thermal oxidizer is and its different types, you must know that each of these differs in operation.


With the increasing number of industries comes a huge amount of air pollution.  To hold that, you must know what a thermal oxidizer is and how beneficial it is for this cause. If you are still unclear what it is and how it can benefit your industry, visit the links from the article to read more information on the websites of the companies that are actually making those. Hey who will have more information about regenerative thermal oxiduzers than those companies who make them.