Top quality charcoal cookers: unmatched when it comes to food taste

cooking on charcoal bbq grilled sausages an vegetables closeup

Charcoal cookers are a well known and traditionally favoured way of preparing food, be it in restaurants or private homes. Why do professionals as well as individuals love charcoal cookers? Keep reading for some insights.

  • The best taste. Charcoal cookers guarantee the taste that makes your mouth water. Who doesn’t love a nice well-done steak or even crispy potato wedges, for the matter? A charcoal cooker that is made from stainless steel and other top-quality material, provides the best taste.
  • Rustic atmosphere. Charcoal cookers bring back memories of campfires, family dinners and homely restaurants where you used to go with the family. Around for ages, or so it seems, the charcoal cookers ooze tradition, while staying updated by the newest technologies.
  • Due to the high quality of the materials, the best charcoal cookers will last for decades. The older they are, the better the taste of food that they cook. You should try it!


charcoal cookers, grilled chicken on a plate sprinkled with parsley

The versatility of cooking with charcoal guarantees the best dish variety

The reasons above have convinced many passionate cooks and chefs that cooking with charcoal is the best way for getting a great taste. What is more, the variety of dishes that cooking with charcoal allows for, is unmatched by any other specific type of cooker. This is important when owning a restaurant, because it means that by investing into a good cooker, many mouth-watering dishes can be placed on the menu. While the operation of a cooker is simple, the results will be highly sophisticated. From steaks and roasts to pizza and superb gratinated vegetables, the charcoal way is the tastiest to make them.

cooking with charcoal closeup of red got charcoals

Outdoor charcoal grills provide a special taste and create an atmosphere

While the above can refer both to an outdoor or an indoor bbq grill, there are charms of outdoor charcoal grills that no indoor space can match. Which are the dishes that are best made on an outdoor grill?

  1. BBQ ribs: a favourite of the summer months and topped with the bbq sauce, roasted ribs will not let anyone stay hungry. The juicy and spicy dish will win anyone over!
  2. Roasted vegetables, like zucchini, peppers, and eggplant. Don’t worry if you’re not a big meat eater, the charcoal magic works on vegetables, too. Nicely roasted and full of flavour, they will match perfectly with a yoghurt sauce or a hummus, for added freshness.
  3. Potato wedges or baked potatoes. Cut in coin- or finger size, potato wedges are a favourite of the young and the old. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, there will always be to few, no matter how long your grill keeps burning.

outdoor charcoal grills ribs and potatoes by jimmy-ramírez

Why cooking on charcoal bbq is good and how to grill on a charcoal grill?

The reasons cooking on charcoal bbq is so popular, are obvious. The taste, the atmosphere, the versatility. It is difficult to find a person that does not like eating grilled food, even though the opinions on how to grill on a charcoal grill, can be different. Some prefer to use low temperatures and grill for a long time, while others swear by quick and extremely hot treatments.

No matter the method, the coal will never disappoint. That is why it is important to invest in a good grill or cooker, which will bring an additional, rounded taste to the aromatic coal burning. The authentic KOPA cookers join tradition and modernity, representing state of the art expertise, developed, and honoured in this family company.

If you wish to take your charcoal grilling experience to a new level, explore your options on our website. You can find a device that is just right for you and your grilling preferences.

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