The Best Types of Thermal Oxidizers Supplied by a Thermal Oxidizer Manufacturer


The Most Common Used Types of Thermal Oxidizers – Which One is the Best

Thermal oxidizers manufactured by various thermal oxidizer manufacturer firms play an important role in maintaining air pollution caused by the chemical fumes coming out of the chimneys of chemical industries. One of the biggest reasons for the increase in air pollution, other than the smoke from vehicles, is the hazardous chemical fumes released from factories’ chimneys.

These fumes make the air very polluted, and that is not safe to breathe. Polluted air can give rise to multiple diseases and issues amongst all age groups, especially respiratory problems.

To try to control the air from getting polluted by hazardous fumes, industries have found a solution. Have you heard of thermal oxidizers? Industries hire thermal oxidizers and install thermal oxidizers in the factories to prevent the air from getting polluted by chemical fumes. Thermal oxidizers have now become very common.

Thermal oxidizer manufacturer firms also rent out these oxidizers. Do you run a chemical industry and want to avoid polluting the air? Let’s brief you about the types of thermal oxidizers that thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies will offer you.

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO)

A direct-fired thermal oxidizer is also known as a non-recuperative thermal oxidizer. Thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies make direct-fired thermal oxidizers in a very elementary design. The main basic elements of a direct-fired thermal oxidizer include a gas burner and a burning chamber. Designed with simplicity by thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies, these direct-fired thermal oxidizers are also regarded as afterburners and incinerators.

These oxidizers are simple, yet they make up for almost all the regulatory needs. When major air-to-air heat transfer is not required, non-recuperative thermal oxidizers are employed. Installation of these efficiently built thermal oxidizers by thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies needs to have the minimum quantity of funds and might even be attached to downstream boilers, and heat pumps to improve fuel efficiency.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)

thermal oxidizer serviceRegenerative Thermal Oxidizers are marvelously versatile oxidizers designed by thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies with the highest quality in mind. A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer optimizes thermal ignition efficiency to preheat inbound contaminant air, minimizing supplementary consumption of fuel.

Thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies incorporate numerous layers of ceramic heat transfer components that are terminated by using a burning or regeneration compartment where the VOCs are decomposed in these units. Once one layer emits heat to the exhaust pipe just before the burner, the other layer catches all heat inside the flow path just afterburner, leading to high heat recovery. Thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies manufacture regenerative Thermal Oxidizers in a way that they can perform a numerous range of applications.

RTOs are, however, very big in size and heavy weighted. While they function very reliably, these types of oxidizers are designed by thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies with several moving parts.

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies design recuperative thermal oxidizers in a different way than direct-fired thermal oxidizers. An air to air heat transfer inside a recuperative thermal oxidizer incorporates the pristine “heated” air from the oxidizer internal combustion compartment to heat the inbound process air. Efficiently designed by thermal oxidizer manufacturer firms, plate, shell, and tubular combustion chambers are used for the thermal recuperative oxidizers.

There are also several drawbacks of this approach introduced by thermal oxidizer supplier firms that should be regarded, such as for the greater operational cost and much more Nitrogen oxides waste generation than any of those emitted by a regenerative thermal oxidizer. Any technological process with a high constant VOC outflow, a moderate air flow rate, or batch-type cycling is suitable.

However, if a thermal oxidizer manufacturer incorporates an alternative system to the recuperative thermal oxidizer, it may work more efficiently and require a smaller amount of money.

Portable Thermal Oxidizers

Where thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies build various types of thermal oxidizers, somewhere in between, portable thermal oxidizers do not come into notice. Portable thermal oxidizers are also referred to as thermal oxidizer rental. Various thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies build up thermal oxidizers that can be rented for temporary usage.

If your plant has repeated slowdowns and then has to tackle many interim objectives all through the year, a Thermal Oxidizer Rental is a worthy addition to your continuous functioning inventory. Thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies manufacture portable thermal oxidizers as a temporary alternative.

At the same time, the permanent air pollution control system is shut down due to a new system installation or sometimes even for draining out the gas from the tanks before cleaning them. Portable thermal oxidizers are indeed a helpful manufacturer done by thermal oxidizer manufacturer companies.


Thermal oxidizer manufacturer firms put in a lot of thought and techniques in bringing out some of the best thermal oxidizers. Each one of the types serves a great purpose in their way. However, Regenerative thermal oxidizers are the most commonly used thermal oxidizer almost everywhere. Their efficient functionality remains to be the major reason behind them being some demand.